Testing and Debugging Tools

  • fixmyjs
    Meant to automatically fix your lint errors in a non-destructive way.
  • gremlins.js
  • A monkey testing library written in JavaScript, for Node.js and the browser. Use it to check the robustness of web applications by unleashing a horde of undisciplined gremlins.
  • ReviewNinja
    A code review tool for GitHub that lets you merge pull requests with confidence.
  • jstinytest
    A quick way to unit test a JavaScript function/object in a web-page without getting bogged down in frameworks.
  • exceptions.js
    The library that makes JavaScript errors useful. Include stacktraces, screenshots, DOM dumps, browser information, etc. when users hit JavaScript errors.
  • xip.io
    Wildcard DNS for any IP address. You can use these domains to access virtual hosts on your development web server from devices on your local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers.
  • Custom JavaScript for websites
    Chrome extension to inject custom JavaScript in any website. Your scripts are kept in the local storage and applied across domain URLs.